The Art of Authenticity - The Inner Martial Artist

Being centered and present to your authentic self, to the truth of who you are is, I believe, one of the most challenging and difficult things we can do.  It takes continuous Practice, just like building a muscle, just like a master martial artist, like Bruce Lee.  It takes continuous practice and discipline to BE present with who you really are, to authentically, honestly express yourself, to remain in your true essence without losing yourself in the energies around you.  I believe this practice of Presence, of honestly expressing yourself - without lying to oneself, and continuing self knowledge is what truly builds strength from the inside out and the ability to remember and BE who you are, in the moment.  It takes continuous training and discipline.

"You have to train yourself to become one with the movement." Bruce Lee

Authenticity leads to no competition other than continuously improving yourself, gaining more self awareness and honestly expressing yourself.  This is because no one can be like you when you are expressing your authentic form, and yet as Bruce Lee says, "Under the sky, under the heaven, we are but one family.  It just so happens that people are different."

Bruce Lee, I believe, is one of the greatest examples and teachers of the power, strength, rareness and the art of authenticity and honestly expressing yourself.   So much rich and valuable wisdom he shares with us in this video below in just 25 minutes. 

Breakthrough Shadow Coaching is a profound way to delve deeper into your own inner world to access your higher self, your soul's calling, your purpose, your inner wisdom, your authentic self.  It is also a profound experiential process where you will have the platform and opportunity to reveal any subconscious limiting beliefs, patterns, outdated programmed behavior and habits that are blocking you and holding you back from taking yourself to the next level of self awareness and to manifesting and living your greatest dreams.  If you are interested in accessing more of yourself and more of your potential, contact me to start your 10 week transformational process where you will gain the skills and tools that will propel you forward to a life beyond your wildest dreams.

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