Projection and Owning Your Chisel - The Manifesto to Self Love and Self Actualization

You are an artist.  You are the creation of your own work of art.  We are each our own masterpiece.  As Michelangelo Buonarroti says:

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it." 

The chisel of the sculptor is like our mind, it is a tool, not our essence, soul or our heart.  We choose how to use our tool (our mind), and how to sculpt ourselves in a way that reveals our true form, our pure essence, our beauty, our gift.  Being stuck on an idea about ourselves or someone else can be like an addiction or a bad habit.  We have to make a conscious choice to change and shift our beliefs and perspectives in a way that is beneficial to us not detrimental.

Just like a chisel, projection is a tool.  Projection is a way for us to be able to recognize ourself and see the parts of ourself that we are rejecting, suppressing and denying. Once we take responsibility for our perspective, we can take back our chisel into our own hands to create our work of art, rather than handing our chisel over to those who we believe are better creators than we are.  We then are able to become our own masters and our own creators.  

You are your masterpiece.  You are not someone else's creation.  You did not come into this world to be molded to someone else's desires and form, but your own.  You did not come in to this world to be someone else's work of art, not your family's, not society's, not authority's.  No one but your own.  You are your masterpiece.  And that is the greatest gift you could bring anyone and into this world.

Like a chisel, projection is a tool that can be used to identify the pieces of your form and their placement.  Projection is a way we are able to identify ourselves and to take back that which we give away, whether they are qualities we consider good or consider bad, by saying, "It is not mine.  It is not part of me, it is not in me, it is in you."

When you are looking at someone, you will find yourself either taking in information without judgment, maybe even with appreciation, or love, or acceptance for them, just as they are.  This is not projection.  On the other hand, when you feel judgment, or you feel triggered, plugged in, or emotionally affected, hating or idolizing someone, believing they have something you do not, you can be sure you are in projection.  So, this is not the time to beat yourself up or anyone else.  It is an opportunity, the tool, to use to identify the aspects of yourself, good or bad, that you are denying, rejecting and suppressing.  That is to say, projection is a tool that can be used to identify your shadows, that which you have buried, forgotten and left in your subconscious.  When a part of you is asking, screaming for attention to be integrated into your conscious awareness, it will show up in the people around you.  You will see qualities, behaviors, judgments that actually have the purpose of being your mirror so you can see yourself.  The Law of Attraction is mirroring.  You will attract that which you think and believe, including the thoughts and beliefs you deny and hide within yourself.  This is why, if we really want to create our reality and sculpt ourselves into our finest work of art, we must consciously integrate all aspects of ourselves so as to use the chisel to sculpt ourselves and our realities in the way in which we desire most.

By all of us taking back that which we give away and owning all of ourselves, rather than just parts of ourselves, we will see a new Renaissance, a re-birth, of masterpieces and works of art in every corner of the world.  The work of art of that of which we are.  We will see, as we already are, a new paradigm shift of people taking responsibility and ownership for their lives and manifestations, a culture in which beauty, peace, connection, bliss, happiness, creativity, self-actualization, playfulness, love and freedom roam.

The impulse of the soul is to be whole.  As I mentioned in my last post about shadows, we possess every quality, characteristic, emotion, you can perceive of.  You are capable of being everything you can perceive of or conceive of.  You have all of the ingredients in your kitchen to cook up whatever you would like.  It is just a matter of "seeing" and recognizing you have everything you need already inside of you.  You are already complete.  It is just a matter of you revealing yourself.

Every quality we can see in another exists within us.  In order to see ourselves we need a mirror.  People around us reflect back to us the parts of ourselves we have disowned and tried to hide or suppress.  In addition to that, you can become someone else's projection, if you believe what they are projecting on to you.  This is often what happens with parents and their children or adults and children in general.  As children we learn, usually from adults and/or our peers, what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.  This is often passed down from generation to generation until we believe it to be societal truths.  In order for us to evolve individually and collectively, we must recognize these inherited projections and break the chain of what is essentially learned and inherited self-hatred, self-denial and imposed limitations.  When you are unaware of projection, its purpose and how it works, it can be a very confusing and limited life, where you feel powerless and a victim to your outer world.

Your soul is always evolving and moving towards expansion.  Projection is a tool or guide to move you towards your expansion, your soul's evolution.  Its purpose is not to get you stuck, to fall into blame, self-hate, and hopelessness.  Its purpose is to pull you forward towards a greater version of yourself, of becoming more and more of who you really are.  Its purpose is to bring you from the dark and into the light.

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."   Michelangelo Buonarroti

There are many gifts in working with the process of projection and owning disowned qualities.  To start, you are set free from limitations that you or others have set on you.  You gain more self-awareness, self-acceptance and so, more self-love.  You remember your purpose, you discover your gifts, the uniqueness that you are and your essence.  Once you see that the tribulation you are going through is projection, is an aspect of yourself asking and begging for your attention, love and acceptance, you become more empowered to step into the fullness and lightness of who you really are.  Once you recognize the aspect of yourself that has been suppressed, the choke hold it has on you is released as you move into embracing the quality and finding its gift.

Remember to treat yourself, and all aspects of yourself, as you would treat your own child, baby, friend, or loved one.  You would not ignore them, lock them up and tell them they are unacceptable, unloveable and better off not existing.  And, remember you can only deny in another that which you deny in yourself.  You are your gold.  You are the most important person, Being, to love, cherish and nurture.  As Rumi, the great Sufi poet says:

"By God, when you see your beauty you will be the idol of yourself."

This is not to be confused with "selfishness".  Because, as the projection game works, if you deny self-love, you deny love to others, which then, selfishness, as we typically see it, becomes activated subconsciously by needing to take away from others to fill that which we have denied in ourselves, or won't give to ourselves.  If we deny our existence, we deny the existence of others as well.   

Your soul is here to exist in its completeness, in its wholeness.  Our life is an integration, a remembrance of all of which we are and to manifest our heart's desires and happiness.  Nothing more and nothing less.

Do not give your chisel to others to carve out your form.  You are an artist.  You are your masterpiece.  It is just a matter of chipping away that which has covered up your essence and that which has been placed on you by others.  Just like the clay on the Golden Buddha that I wrote about in my second post.  The gold is in the dark.  The purpose of darkness is to see the light, again and again.

Projection is one of the most powerful tools you can use to be able to identify the suppressed, disowned and rejected parts of you that are blocking and limiting your expansion and your soul's evolution, so that you can integrate them back into your conscious awareness.  When you do not own parts of yourself, they own you.  As Debbie Ford says:

"What you can't be with, won't let you be." 

So it is in your best interest to reclaim your power, your authority over yourself and own these qualities in a way that benefits and frees you rather than imprisons you.

Here are some signs that you are in projection: 

-When you are emotionally affected by someone else

-You have harsh judgments of others

-When you are pointing your finger at others

-When you are condemning others

-When you are emotionally triggered by others 

-Anything that disturbs or upsets your peace

Just like ingredients in the kitchen, if you suppress, deny or ignore that you have certain ingredients to use as you wish, to cook up or create what you desire, you will need to go outside yourself to look for these ingredients.  When you understand that you are everything, it is only a matter of gaining access to that quality, characteristic, or that ingredient, you choose to use when you feel it is appropriate to do so to create the reality you desire.

There is a gift and positive aspects that come with all of the qualities, emotions, characteristics we find in ourself.  For example, I recently came across the projection of a core shadow belief that "I don't matter".  As I became aware that the emotions I was feeling was a signal that guided me toward the awareness that a part of myself was screaming for attention, I realized I was in projection.  In the middle of my intense state of distress and turmoil, I laughed in awe realizing I was in projection and so, I suddenly recognized that I was being given a gift and an opportunity to become aware of a very deeply rooted and suppressed belief, and so manifestation, that was being projected back on to me from my outer world.  This meant that since I had suddenly became aware of such a deeply rooted suppressed belief, I would then be able to transform it and release its grip and its energy that it had on me, for basically my whole life.  

Your emotions and feelings have a purpose.  They are essential for your survival, your soul's evolution and your true happiness.  They are your compass, your guidance system that help you recognize your needs and desires.  Listen to them.  Follow them.  Be with them.  They are not just your friends, they are your best friends and they guide you exactly where you need to be for your highest good and to get you where you desire.  For example, as I was in the middle of my intense turmoil as I mentioned above, I followed my emotions and feelings.  Since I had the knowledge of projection and awareness of how it works,  I had suddenly realized all my feelings and emotions lead to a dreadful, intense, devastating feeling that held the belief "I don't matter".  Funny enough, as soon as I had this realization and awareness, the grip this suppressed belief had on me subconsciously, began to loosen its hold on me.  I actually laughed in awe at how beautiful and empowering projection is and what an invaluable tool it is for survival for our hearts, our soul and for our existence.  My awareness of how to use projection as a tool, shifted a moment that was total blackness, where I saw no light, to a moment of enlightenment and a profound awareness of how I was co-creating my reality.

Since I am trained in this work, I knew what the next step was.  I grabbed my pen and journal and began to write.  I wrote down the last time I felt this way, and the first time I could remember feeling this way.  I then noticed patterns of how this has manifested and showed up in my life, and it was all over the place!  I then looked for the gift, which at first I saw nothing.  I saw no gift in my existence not mattering . Then I realized how important it has been for me and how I deeply desire to not have other people feel this way.  I do not want people to feel they don't matter.  I realized how much this feeling of not mattering filled me up with compassion, empathy and care for others which fuels my desire and passion to make people feel and recognize that they do matter, their essence, their dreams, their happiness, their feelings, their desires, their hopes and their wishes matter. 

So the projection dynamic in my example is, I projected "you matter" onto others and subconsciously excluded myself, while people reflected back at me "I don't matter" (which is a perspective, not an inherent truth) because I was not owning this belief and had simply forgotten that I had this feeling of not mattering for basically my whole life.  As this belief subconsciously festered throughout my life, it got bigger and bigger and showed up over and over again like a broken record.  This is how projection works.  It will show up again and again, until you acknowledge the message it has for you.  

Another step I took was, I wrote down what I was getting out of believing and manifesting "I don't matter", because at some point when we initially choose a belief, we most likely choose it to benefit and protect ourselves.  We do this usually at a very young age.  The problem is, the benefits become outdated to where they no longer serve us or help us to create the life we currently desire.  So, the benefits I wrote down, were things like, "the freedom to leave people without guilt (because I don't matter anyway)", "living independently and leaving family and friends to go live in other countries and places", "being alone, staying hidden and not having to make myself vulnerable and exposed to others".  Overall, I noticed I got a lot of freedom and safety in not having to please anybody but myself or risking getting hurt revealing myself and my vulnerabilities to others, because I didn't matter to other people anyway.  Again, this is a choice in perspective that I had subconsciously felt was essentially protecting me.  I also wrote down how it was detrimental for me to continue living with this limiting belief, things like "isolation", "disconnection from myself and others", and "a feeling of utter emptiness and non existence".  Understanding that it had become more detrimental for me to continue on with this belief, I then made the decision to shift the belief to something that would empower me and move me towards my deepest desires instead of away from them.

Once I recognized this subconscious belief I was holding, gave it attention, embraced it (integrated it into my conscious awareness) and found the gift in it, I felt a continuous sense of relief and felt the choke hold it had on me release itself.  The power it had over me was released, which means, the energy, the need for it to show up in my outer world to get my attention, was released.  Once we own and embrace the things we project on to the outer world or other people, they cease to manifest experiences that mirror it over and over again  like a broken record.  When you uproot anything in your subconscious you release the energy that makes you a match for that experience. This is how we set ourselves free from the subconscious limitations we put on ourselves, how we imprison ourselves, and how we confine ourselves.  In  addition to freeing ourselves, once we give ourselves permission to release ourselves to be all that we are, we subconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  You not only allow yourself to exist as you are in your true essence, you also allow others to exist as they are without needing to change them but rather in appreciation of them.

Remember, what comes up for you when you are coming into awareness of a subconscious aspect of yourself or any aspect of yourself, may be completely different than what comes up for someone else.  This is why it is so important to listen to your own inner guidance system (your feelings and emotions).  You are your masterpiece to reveal, not someone else's.  You do not need to match what comes up for others.  It is about the unique recipe that you are.  That is why there will never be anyone like you.  When you are in your true essence, you will be your own unique and priceless masterpiece. 

Whether we like it or not, whether we are aware of it or not, we will be projecting and mirroring each other for the rest of our lives.  It is therefore beneficial to say the least, to understand what projection or mirroring is and to learn to use it as a tool to be able to be aware of ourselves and to consciously create the life we desire.

Use projection and reveal disowned aspects of yourself as you would use a chisel to sculpt and reveal the masterpiece that you are.  That is the greatest gift you could give anyone, including yourself.

You are not fixed.  You are changeable.  You are not limited to what you thought you had to be or should be.  To go with the metaphor of the sculptor and the chisel, Alchemy is another metaphor for, or process of, freeing oneself from what seems to be fixed properties.  For more about this check out this video from Teal Swan on Alchemy and its purpose in personal transformation.  This video here  is helpful in understanding how we may feel at different points on our spiritual journey.  And here is another on Is It Selfish To Seek Happiness?

If you are interested in unconcealing and revealing your disowned qualities and projections, feel free to contact me for a session.  I would be happy to hear from you.

With love,