Life is wide, limitless. There is no border, no frontier.
— Bruce Lee

Meet Your Integrative Coach 

Jessica is a world traveler who has constantly been tuned into her soul's calling and her heart's desire paving her own path.  Through the different landscapes of her life's journey she has come now to a place where she can inspire and guide others to be co-creators of their realties by unfolding the magnificence within them.  Trained and guided by the Ford Institute's amazing teachers and Master Coaches Donna Lipman, Jeffery Malone, and the founder Debbie Ford herself, Jessica has delved deeper into unraveling and breaking free from imposed limitations and entering into an authentic unlimited self.  Her desire as an Integrative Coach is to provide a safe space where you are able to explore, reveal and embrace all of who you are without judgement and without shame and to guide you to connect with your heart where you are able to reveal and ignite the most magnificent and authentic version of yourself.

Jessica believes that if we want to heal the world, if we want to see positive transformation in the world, we must begin with ourselves.  If each of us make a commitment to be more aware of ourselves and our heart's desires and give ourselves the unconditional love that we are, we will collectively create a ripple effect of positive change in our outer world which will be a reflection of our inner worlds.

Education and Training

Jessica has her Bachelor's degree from San Francisco State where she studied Italian Language and Literature.  In completion to her graduating from SFSU, she studied as an exchange student at the University of Pavia in Italy for one year.  She then furthered her Italian studies for three more years in Italy at the University of Pavia and Milan.  Her studies in transformational training began with the Shadow Process in February 2012 where she began her training as a Certified Integrative Coach Professional™ specializing in Breakthrough Shadow Coaching.  Jessica has a passion for learning and evolving and is continually educating herself and doing her own inner work to continually be a better version of herself.


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